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DNA and time reversal

We have written together with Reza Rastmanesh several articles related to biology, neuroscience, and TGD during this year. There is an article related to the arrow of time and memory in neuroscience and 2 articles related to the arrow of time at the level of DNA - the topic of this posting. I decided to put the introductions of the articles to blog. Articles can be found also in Research Gate and hopefully sooner or later also at my homepage (my communizations to homepage have been continually terrorized during the summer).

This posting is the introduction of the first article devoted to the view about DNA inspired by zero energy ontology (ZEO) (see this and this) forming the basis of the quantum measurement theory of Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) and by the notion of dark DNA (see this) inspired by the TGD view about dark matter as phases of the ordinary matter with effective Planck constant heff=nh0>h (see this and this,this) at (magnetic body) MB (see this, this,this and this) - the third key notion distinguishing TGD from standard model. The basic prediction of ZEO is that "big" (ordinary) state function reduction (BSFR) changes the arrow of time meaning "death" and "reincarnation" with opposite arrow of time. For dark matter at the MB the periods with a given arrow of time would be long and induce the long-lasting effective change of the arrow of time for the ordinary matter.

This leads to a new view about self-organization (see this) involving in an essential manner time reversed dissipation looking like energy feed in the standard direction and quantum coherent MB as a master quantum controlling the ordinary matter. The energy feed is necessary since the increase of heff requires energy.

Time reversal and the dynamics of DNA

The time reversals of the basic processes like transcription and replication turn out to be possible only for the conjugate strand - this is basically due to the chiral selection and CPT theorem in TGD context. CPT C denotes harge conjugation, P spatial reflection, and T geometric time reflection to be distinguished from thermo-dynamical time reversal and time reversal occurring in BSFR. The triviality of C (matter-antimatter asymmetry) implies that T acts like P mapping molecules to their mirror images. By chiral selection enzymes can catalyze processes but not their time reversals. For instance, conjugate strand polymerizes in reverse time direction - this looks like depolymerization in standard time direction. Polymerization of the conjugate strand however occurs in standard time direction but in reverse direction along strand.

The recombination of DNA strands during meiosis is poorly understood. This could correspond to reconnections for the magnetic flux tubes associated with the active DNA strands. Time reversal would occur in BSFR and formerly passive conjugate DNA strands would depolymerize to "loose" codons (see this) (not independent letters) by the time reversed polymerization, the flux tubes associated with the formerly active strands would suffer reconnections inducing recombination without assistance of enzymes, second BSFR would occur, and be followed by the replication of recombined active strands.

Does DNA have longitudinal electric field with direction correlating with the arrow of time?

According to the findings of Becker the direction of the electric along the body axis field determines whether the system is awake or asleep. By the properties of electric field under time reflection, the arrow of time correlates also with the direction of the electric field. TGD predicts that consciousness is possible even at the level of DNA. Could also DNA have a longitudinal electric field with direction correlating with the arrow of time of DNA at the MB of DNA? Could there be a switch changing the direction of this electric field?

There is an inspiring analogy with microtubules, which are highly dynamical and carry a longitudinal electric field, whose strength correlates with the microtubule length (see this). Could sticky ends generate a longitudinal field along DNA double strand with strength determined by the lengths of the sticky ends?

In the standard picture the flux of the longitudinal electric field would be proportional to the difference of the negative charges associated with the sticky ends. In TGD framework DNA strands are accompanied by the dark analog of DNA with codons realized as 3-proton units neutralizing the negative charge of the ordinary DNA except at sticky ends.

A simple proposal for the time switch based on the analog of Becker's DC currents emerges: proton flow of the dark protons between sticky ends would change the arrow of time. The model could generalize also to proteins known to be ferro-electrets and accompanied also by their dark analogs.

See the article "DNA and time reversal" at RG or at homepage, or the chapter ZEO, Adelic Physics, and Genes.

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