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Covid19 and TGD

I have repeatedly received a request to give some thought to Covid19 virus. This is of course very flattering for a person who has been regarded all his life as a crackpot. I however have had so many things catching my attention that I have simply had no resources for this. Yesterday evening I however decided to give some thought to Covid19, and realized that I have actually years ago proposed a new approach for handling viruses and microbes, which might also apply to Covid19.

Actually this would not be my discovery. The credit goes to water which has realized fundamental aspects of immune system as what is called water memory realized in terms of cyclotron frequencies for the magnetic body (MB) of water, in particular those associated with water molecule clusters able to represent the cyclotron frequencies characterizing the MB of bio-active molecule as those associated with the flux tubes forming the body parts of MB. These cyclotron frequencies are very low but since the value of heff=hgr is very large for the dark charged particles at gravitational flux tubes, the energies would be in the range of biophoton energies: photons in visible and UV range at least and maybe also in infrared.

All communications and control in TGD inspired quantum biology would rely on cyclotron resonance. When the communicators have the same value of heff, both energy and frequency resonance would be in question. When the values of heff are different, only energy resonance would be in question. What is remarkable that the cyclotron energies E= hgrf would not depend at all on the mass m of the charged particle (hgr is proportional to m and cyclotron frequency is proportional to 1/m). MB could control biomolecules and biochemistry by cyclotron energy resonance.

The hierarchy of effective Planck constant heff labelling dark matter as phases of ordinary matter is predicted by adelic physics representing a generalization of ordinary real number based physics to include various p-adc physics providing correlates for cognition. Adelic physics form a hierarchy labelled by extensions of rationals inducing extensions of p-adic number fields. The higher the dimension of extension of rationals, the higher the complexity and the higher the "IQ" of the system. The dimension n =heff/h0 is one measure for the complexity. Complexity means also longer quantum coherence scales which are typically proportional to heff or its higher power (second power for hydrogen atom). This gives rise to an evolutionary hierarchy. One aspect of this hierarchy is that the discretizations of space-time surfaces provided by points with coordinates in the extension of rationals contain an increasing number of points as the dimension n of extension increases.

The notion of resonance generalizes and leads to the core of biology.

  1. The Galois group of extension defines number theoretical symmetries and gives rise to new discrete degrees of freedom. One can have wave functions in the Galois group of the extension giving quantum realization of cognition. An attractive hypothesis is that Galois confinement as an analogy of color confinement holds true. This would explain why dark 3-photon triplets providing a representation of genetic code could behave like a single particle absorbed and emitted as a single entity. Dark proton triplets provide another representation of this kind and they would also obey Galois confinement. Genes would define higher level entities with 3N dark photons or protons forming a single unit. Dark 3N- photon states would give rise to communications between basic biomolecules by energy resonance.
  2. In energy resonance 3N-frequency would serve as an address or name. When the frequency scale of 3-N cyclotron frequency is modulated, this gives rise to a series of energy resonances at the receiving end and codes the frequency modulation to a series of ticks. This would be the general method of transformation of continuous frequency modulation produced by say sensory input for the Josephson frequency of neuronal membrane to a sequence of ticks, which could also give rise to nerve pulses.
  3. An open question is whether the coupling between different values of heff corresponds to 3N-fold energy resonance or whether the 3N dark fuse to single photon. For the first option 3N separate resonance conditions would hold true and for the latter case only a single condition for the sum of energies would hold true. The constraint that dark cyclotron energies coincide with the molecular transition energies is very powerful and could have selected the bio-molecules. These conditions are very powerful even when it holds true only for the sum of dark cyclotron energies.
Water memory provides justification for the method that every real scientist hates. Homeopathy is the name of this ugly duckling. What one does is that one repeatedly dilutes water containing some bio-active substance and after that agitates it mechanically. The claim is that the outcome containing practically not a single molecule of the substance has the same biological effects as the original solution. Real scientists have of course told again and again that this is impossible. Still even HV Nobelist Montagnier claims that his group has used this method with success.

In the TGD Universeone could understand these claims insulting deeply any academic scientist. Water clusters would be small living with MBs able to tune the thicknesses of the flux tubes so that they get in resonance with invader molecules. They would recognize and mimic the invaders and catch them using U-shaped flux tubes reconnecting with similar flux tubes of the invader: a pair of flux tubes connecting the two systems would be formed. This would be the basis of the immune system at the level of water. This picture generalizes if one accepts Galois confinement as means to represent dark variants of DNA and other basic bio-molecules and 3N-proton sequences. Biomolecules would have names making the ordinary dynamic symbolic dynamics - just as in our society.

The agitation of the water would provide metabolic energy for the water clusters. What happens when this agitation when the agitation is absent. Do these little creatures hibernate and wake-up in the human body providing the needed metabolic energy?

What could be the implications of this picture. Vaccines are a very effective tool against microbes and viruses. One induces a weak form of infection giving rise to immunity. The problem is that various chemical side effects and it would be highly desirable to achieve immunity by non-chemical means.

In TGD Universe the development of immunity would at the basic level mean a development of water molecule clusters able to recognize the invader molecules: already at this level dark protons sequences at MBs of water clusters and invaders molecules representing dark genes could be involved and dark 3N-photons could be present. Biochemical layer of the immune system would have evolved later.

The obvious question is whether vaccines could be developed by preparing the homeopathic remedy. The pioneers of the field realized that water memory as ability to represent in information about bio-active molecules - nothing sensational at IT age - could mechanism behind homeopathy and already Benveniste managed to record the resonancefrequencies and reproduce the effect of the invader molecule using either the treated water or only these frequencies. The patient would receive a dose of water containing fake invader molecules or alternatively could be irradiated with the frequencies involved.

Could Covid19 force the academic biologists to overcome their prejudices and start doing homeopathy?!

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streamfortyseven said...

I'm pretty sure I had a case of COVID-19 earlier this year, and I used homeopathy to get rid of it. Here's a response I sent to a friend of mine who is a doc in New York -

"nobody seems to remember what to do" - nobody in any position of authority, I suspect. It's like the approach to fever, it used to be pile on the blankets and sweat it out until the fever broke, now comfort is everything, so the first response is to get rid of the fever with Tylenol or Nyquil or some other OTC prep. It turns out that the old way kicks the immune response into high gear, there's a big antibody response which kills the infection - and the fever suddenly goes away, you're weak and tired for a day or so, and then you're OK. The old advice was to not circulate for a week or so after that, on the notion that you were still "contagious" - you had enough virus load to spread it, but not enough to provoke an immune response. That's pretty much in accord with Michael Mina's "six days" advice - see

The OTC antipyretic way stops the immune response dead in its tracks, you wind up with a weak immune response, and a lingering illness, during which other bugs may come in, and with your immune system response artificially suppressed, go ahead and colonize places, so you wind up being sicker, longer.

The homeopathic way I've used is either Oscillococcinum 200CK and pile on the blankets and have the fever, go to sleep and wake up the next morning OK, or let things go on to where I have chills, in which case it's a dose of Gelsemium Sempervirens 30C to stop the chills - they fade out over a matter of minutes, ebb away half, half, half; then I get a fever going, drink lots of water, maybe with some orange juice in it, and then when I get tired of the fever, break it with Belladonna 30C or Aconitum Napellus 30C, depending on the symptom picture. Belladonna was pretty dramatic - within two minutes of taking it, I heard a sound like a pistol shot next to my ear, pulse went from 120 to 84 within a minute, soaked the sheets with sweat - had to change the bedclothes and sheets - then went to sleep and the next morning was OK, just kind of tired, relieved with liquids - orange juice - and B12. Others had this same thing go on for three weeks, which I thought was nuts. It took two doses of Aconitum to do the same thing in March this year, nothing after 15 minutes, a second dose broke the fever - no pistol shot - in two minutes. Same tiredness the next day, relieved by B12, then the day after, was out doing pretty heavy yard work. So there's that way, too."