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Correlations between the brains of monotsygotic twins as a direct evidence for large scale quantum coherence

In Qualia Computing Network  there was a very interesting link to  the popular article describing the work of Richard Silberstein and Felicity Bigelow  published in Frontiers with the title "Brain functional connectivity correlates of anomalous interaction between sensorily isolated monozygotic twins"  ( These statistical correlations are   very significant findings but not the first ones. Already 1965 correlations in EEGs of monozotic twins were discovered.

Telepathy is one explanation but what telepathy  is physically? Standard quantum theory suggests that quantum jumps are somehow involved and might relate to the notion of free will  but  it  cannot provide any satisfactory answer since quantum measurement theory has the well-known fundamental problem.

To proceed, one must start from scratch and try to really understand what happens in quantum measurement and how the standard QM must be modified to explain the findings.

  1.  The reported long range correlations suggest that this revised form must allow quantum coherence in macro scales and that brains can entangle. This could occur if their brains can become  controlled by some larger structure  such that its long scale quantum coherence involving both brains induces the correlations.
  2. Standard quantum theory does not allow this. In the TGD framework the new view of space-time leads to the notions of field body and magnetic body serving replacing Maxwellian fields in the TGD framework. They are excellent candidates here. Number theoretic vision of TGD predicts a hierarchy of effective Planck constants labelling phases of the ordinary matter and making possible quantum coherence in arbitrarily long scales. These phases would reside at the field/magnetic bodies and behave like dark matter but would not be identifiable as galactic dark matter which in TGD framework would correspond to dark energy located at very long monopole flux tubes and not forming halo. These phases would explain the missing baryons whose portion has increased during the cosmological evolution.

    Field body would serve as a "boss" controlling the ordinary matter at the biological body and the  long length scale of its quantum coherence, which can be of order of Earth size scale or even longer,  could induce ordinary coherence of biomatter.  

  3. The  reported correlations could be  produced by the "magnetic body", which by its large scale can control the brains of twins simultaneously.  Ordinary telepathy would rely on the same mechanism. For the notions of magnetic body see for instance,,,  and For the notion of  electric body see
  As far as the findings are considered, this is enough. But this does not yet allow us to understand consciousness in terms of a generalization of quantum measurement theory.
  1. Both subjective and physical existences seem   to be real.  Both  dualistic, materialistic and idealistic views fail.  Dualism leads to grave difficulties with the constraints from deterministic physics as Chalmers demonstrated. Subjective existence must be mathematically something very different from physical existence so that the causalities of classical physics and of free will can be consistent.
  2. The answer looks obvious: subjective existence corresponds to a sequence of   quantum jumps,  state function reductions, or more technically,    of state function reductions having interpretation as repeated measurement of the same observables, which in standard QM would not change the state at all (Zeno effect). Self would correspond to the TGD counterpart of Zeno effect.
One must however solve the basic problem of quantum measurement theory.
  1. A new ontology is needed to get rid of the conflict between  the deterministic classical causality and non-deterministic quantum causality.  Zero energy ontology (ZEO)     solves  this problem by identifying the  counterpart of a particle's wave function in 3-space with a wave function in the space of its Bohr orbits. Now Bohr orbits are  orbits of 3-surfaces identifiable as particles. This is forced by holography for the space-time surfaces.
  2. In the TGD counterpart of ordinary state function reduction (SFR), "big" SFR,  the arrow of time changes. This takes place in all scales.  The TGD counterpart of the sequence of repeated measurement of the same observables (Zeno effect) corresponds to a sequence of "small" SFRs, which affect the system and produce the flow of consciousness, self. Self dies in BSFR and reincarnates with an opposite arrow of time.
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