Sunday, May 05, 2024

Did Moon turn itself inside out?

The group led by Weigang Liang has presented strong evidence that the Moon has turned inside out (see this). The heavy elements, which should be in the core are at the surface. For a popular summary see this. Can TGD explain this mysterious looking finding?

I have proposed that the Moon was formed in an explosion in which Earth lost a spherical layer, which then condensed to form the Moon. These explosions would have occurred on various scales (see this and this). For instance, in the case of the Sun these kinds of explosions could have formed the spherical layers condensing to planets. During the condensation of the spherical layer to the Moon, the gravitational acceleration experienced by the outer parts of the shell was stronger than that experienced by the inner parts. This implied turning inside out. The outer parts containing originally lighter stuff went to the core and the heavier stuff on the inner boundary of the shell remained on the surface.

A more precise calculation shows that the inversion can occur even with the density gradient.

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