Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bio-catalysis, morphogenesis by generalized Chladni mechanism, and bio-harmonies

In the article Catalysis, morphogenesis by generalized Chladni mechanism, and bio-harmonies to appear at my homepage I try to relate 3 different ideas inspired by TGD.

  1. The first idea is that bio-catalysis relies on the notion of magnetic body (MB) carrying dark matter: reconnections of U-shaped flux tubes giving rise to super-conducting flux tube pairs connecting two systems, and the reduction of their lengths as the value of heff/h=n is reduced play a key role. The reduction of heff/h=n for dark atom liberates also energy associated with hydrogen atom like states at flux tubes with energy scaling as 1/heff2. This energy could allow the reactants to overcome the potential wall making the otherwise very slow reaction fast (see this).

    This idea emerged from a model for hydrino atoms proposed by Randell Mills having scaled up binding energy spectrum manifesting itself as a radiation band in EUV range having no chemical origin. The simplest explanation TGD explanation is that the value of heff/h=n is n=6 for visible matter and that for hydrino like states it is m=1,2,3. This would predict the scaling of the energy spectrum by (n/m)2 and its occurrence would liberate the excess binding energy to be used by reacting molecules.

  2. Second idea is that generalized Chladni mechanism (see this) is behind morphogenesis and therefore also involved with catalysis. Charged particles and even charged flux tubes would end up to the nodal surface of electric field to form biological structures. One could speak about dynamics of avoidance and the particles ending up to potential minima provide one example of this dynamics.

    In fact, there are strong mathematical and physical reasons to argue that the dynamics of space-time surface is dynamics of avoidance (see this). The preferred extremals for the sum of Kähler action and volume term are extremals of both so that one can say that force density defined by Kähler action vanishes and the motion corresponds to a generalization of geodesic line to 4-D minimal surface.

  3. The third idea is that genetic code is realized as 3-chords of what I call bio-harmony and represented as dark photon triplets and "massless extremals" (MEs) or "topological light rays"(see this). This gives also rise to realization as sounds since living matter consists of electrets transforming light to sound and vice versa. The question is whether the sequence of 3-chords representing gene could provide a basic realization of Chladni mechanism so that morphogenesis could be regarded as "music of blood" (Greg Bear has written a fascinating scifi book with this title).

For details see the article Catalysis, morphogenesis by generalized Chladni mechanism, and bio-harmonies or the chapter Quantum model of hearing of "TGD and EEG".

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