Monday, December 26, 2016

Taos hum as remote metabolism?

I have been considering an explanation of taos hum. Hints come from the observations that it begins after sunset as microwave presumably "static" generated by living organisms, and also from the phenomenon of microwave hearing: microwaves modulated with sound frequencies can be heard. Taos hum is claimed to correlate also with the acoustics of the building which suggests that it is a real phenomenon. Taos hum can be an (extremely) unpleasant experience. It sounds like an idling diesel engine. I know this from personal experience since I suffered from taos hum when I was younger (as I realized while developing a model for it!).

Could the microwaves transformed inbody to sounds or directly to nerve pulse patterns generating sensation of hearing be the reason for taos hum.

Why taos hum? Could animals use microwaves for "seeing" in absence of sunlight? But for what purpose plants would use microwaves? Could organisms send negative energy heff=n×h microwaves to environment and suck metabolic energy quanta with energy around .5 eV in this manner? Remote metabolism! Or maybe time reversed photosynthesis in dark! Biophotons indeed have energy spectrum in visible and UV as also sunlight does. This would require non-standard value of Planck constant.

This hypothesis would explain why the microwaves causing taos hum not hum are not observed directly. And if something is sucking metabolic energy from you, it is would be rather natural to experience very unpleasant feelings
and try to find a place to hide as many sufferers of taos hum try to do!

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