Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Slime molds: conscious intelligence without central nervous system?

Andrei Patrascu gave in FB a link to a fascinating article about monocellulars known as slime molds. These monocellulars have no central nervous system but behave like conscious intelligent creatures.

The author of the article assumes that the monocellular slime mold is not conscious? Why? Because the belief is that consciousness is not possible without neurons. But this belief is however only a belief.

By reading the article one learns that slime mold behaves very much like a conscious intelligent entity and is able to perform almost miracles. For instance, slime molds can communicate their memories (learned skills) to each other by fusing together and separating after that! This brings strongly in mind the theory of morphic fields by Rupert Sheldrake predicting that learning at the level of individual implies learning at the level of population.

No neurons, no brain! Where do the memories (learned behaviors) reside? Magnetic body is my bet. MB would be the intentional agent controlling the behavior of slime mold and even force it to split to pieces, which fuse together later. If this behavior is not intentional what then!

Maybe the fusion of slime molds induces the replication of MBs and thus behaviors. This mechanism would also explain why both pieces (also that without brain) of a split flat worm growing to full flat worm inherit the behaviors of the planaria. A possible test for MB is the existence of an analog of EEG in some frequency range making possible sensory communications to and control by MB.

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Anonymous said...

How does one prevent the weaponization of the MB EEG interface ? How to stop government mind control? Where are the boundaries?

Matti Pitkänen said...

Interesting question. Have not thought much about that. Mind control by artificial EEG waves is something which must be considered seriously. EEG photons would be dark (large h_eff) but could be transformed to bio-photons before interaction with brain and body. If so then ordinary photons could be used to mindcontrol although coherent effect might be impossible. Artificially produced classical waves at EEG frequencies could also involve dark photons: if so the same problem emerges.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer. This old posts was great. the recent onslaught of media hype in america is that people believe anything dumb on the internet and that that the scientific method has been completely ignored by political people etc . It seems this link could equally be used for good by meditating/peaceful actions/etc , it just depends