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Correlation between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions with the spin dynamics of Earth

Wes Johnson send a link (this) telling about te correlation between the dynamics of Earth's spin and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. There are two directions involved corresponding to geographic axis and rotation axis. The direction of Earth's magnetic field defines the geographic axis. These events tend to occur and are largest when the angle between Earth's rotation axis and geographic (magnetic) axis is largest. This is is an excellent benchmark test for TGD based view about magnetic fields.

The new findings might have a connection with the TGD inspired solution of several other mysteries.

  1. Quantal effects of radiation at ELF frequencies on vertebrate brain discovered by Blackman and others. Photon energies are ridiculously small: there should be no effects.

  2. Maintenance problem of Earth's magnetic field.

  3. Why the direction of Earth's magnetic field is different from that for the rotation axis which is a natural direction
    for convective plasma currents?

  4. What causes the precession of Earth's rotation axis? The explanation in terms of gravitational effects fails.

  5. There are time anomalies associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Cause and effect seem to be in wrong order.

Earth's magnetic field should have disappeared long time ago. TGD based solution relies on difference between magnetic fields in Maxwellian theory and TGD:
  1. TGD provides a solution to the maintenance problem (see this).

    In TGD framework magnetic field has two parts.

    1. Monopole flux tube part with strength Bend = about .2 Gauss (BEhas nominal value of .5 Gauss). The existence of Bend is deduced from the effects of radiation at ELF frequencies on vertebrate brain (Problem 1). It would carry dark matter in TGD sense (heff=n× h0 phases of ordinary matter) and be crucial in biology. This part needs no current to maintain it and this solves the maintenance problem for Earth's BE having nominal value BE= .5 Gauss (Problem 2).

    2. Second part Bord is the ordinary Maxwellian part and currents are needed to maintain it since it decays exponentially due to the dissipation of the currents. The change of the direction of monopole flux induces currents refreshing Bord. Just now monopole flux part is changing direction and this causes the direction of Bord part to change: magnetic North Pole is moving towards Siberia rather fast. A good first guess for the direction of Bord is the rotation axis of Earth.

      It would not be surprising if the difference between directions of Bend and Bord would have physical effects and that the effects occur when Θ becomes large enough. The size of the effects would naturally increase as Θ increases. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions could be these effects.

      Remark: The direction of monopole flux part is not that of geographic axis since it represents direction of the entire magnetic field having nominal value BE=0.5 Gauss. The angle Θ between Bend and rotation axis is larger than that of geographic and rotational axis.

  2. Monopole flux tubes provide also a solution to the precession problem (see this).

    The change of the direction of monopole part Bend inducing change of the rotation axis could be due to the change direction of flux tubes in much longer length scale than that of Earth. Precession of the rotation axis could be the outcome and precession would not be caused by gravitational effects in solar system. TGD explanation involves magnetic flux tubes and dark matter in TGD sense in much larger scale than that of Earth.

  3. TGD suggests also a solution to the time anomalies associated with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (see this).

    Zero energy ontology (ZEO) is the corner stone of TGD based quantum measurement theory solving its basic paradox and allowing to extend it to a theory of consciousness. ZEO changes profoundly the views about the relationship between experienced time and geometric time. The arrow of time changes in the counterpart of the ordinary state function reduction and is preserved in the counterpart of weak measurement.

    1. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions would be induced by macroscopic quantum jumps - ordinary state function reductions in ZEO - involving large value of heff=nh0 and its change at the level of magnetic body (MB) of the system. MB would correspond to flux tubes of Bend.

    2. In ZEO these quantum jumps change the arrow of time temporarily at the level of MB involved and induce effects in "wrong" direction of time also at the level of ordinary matter. Indeed, ELF radiation has been observed before the earthquake as it would cause the earthquake it - not very realistic sounding idea - and could therefore used to predict the Earth quakes.

      The original model however predicted that ELF should occur after the earthquake as is indeed very natural. The ZEO based explanation of the paradox is that the arrow of time changes at MB. This would be the effect observed by Minev et al (this) in atomic systems but in macroscopic scale. Also Libet's finding that neural activity seems to precede conscious decision would be similar illusion and at the same time proof the the idea that act of free will corresponds to macroscopic quantum jump in ZEO.

This picture suggests an understanding of the correlation between earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and the dynamics of Earth's spin. As noticed, the macroscopic quantum jumps associated with changes of directions of Bend and Bord are expected to cause more dramatic effects when the deviation between the Bend and Bord (rotation axis) is largest. The angle Θ would change in these events. If Bend flux tubes change direction, a current is induced. This would change the direction of rotation axis if it is same as the direction of convective current generating Bord.

Question: Could the precession of the rotation axis consist of small steps changing the directions of Bend and Bord and their relative direction and be associated to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

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