Friday, January 24, 2020

Cosmic strings and angular momentum problem of general relativity

Some comments about Vladimir Nechitailo's World-Universe model (thanks to Vladimir for asking comments). In particular a reaction to the claim

"The angular momentum problem is one of the most critical problems in BBM. Standard Cosmology cannot explain how Galaxies and Extra Solar systems obtained their substantial orbital and rotational angular momenta, and why the orbital momentum of Jupiter is considerably larger than the rotational momentum of the Sun. WUM is the only cosmological model in existence that is consistent with the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. ".

I cannot quite agree with this statement.

I have not explicitly considered the problem of large angular momenta in TGD. I do not think that the problem is non-conservation - note however that general relativity has problem with classical conservation laws which led to the idea about space-times as surfaces in M4×S.

The challenge is to explain naturally the large angular momenta which - as I remember - obey the analog of stringy mass formula: mass squared proportional to angular momentum. In TGD framework monopole flux tubes made possible by the homology of CP2 lead to a picture in which cosmic strings with huge string tension carrying magnetic and volume energy thicken to flux tubes, and in this process lose magnetic energy transform to ordinary matter.

Cosmic strings explain dark matter and energy: galaxies are associated as tangles to long cosmic strings and the gravitational field of long cosmic string explains the flat velocity spectrum of distant stars. I recently constructed a detailed model for the spiral galaxies and the rotation of the galactic matter around the long cosmic string explains the large angular momenta. For halo models one does not obtain this prediction. Large angular momenta are of course associated also to distant stars with constant velocity.

WUM is in TGD replaced with cosmic strings as non-Einsteinian 4-D space-times surfaces with with 2-D M4 projection and complex manifold of CP2 as CP2 projection would dominate the primordial cosmology transforming to radiation dominated cosmology by the thickening of M4 projection of cosmic string to 4-D. This period would be analog of inflation. Dark matter corresponds heff=n×h0 phases at flux tubes present in all scales - even biological and also hadronic as remnants of primordial period.

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