Friday, October 18, 2019

Some comments related to Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO)

Zero energy ontology (ZEO) lies behind TGD based quantum measurement theory in turn giving rise to a theory of consciousness by making observed part of system as a conscious entity - self . ZEO solves the basic paradox of quantum measurement theory forcing to give up ontology altogether in the Copenhagen interpretation. ZEO has become a key aspect of the entire TGD based physics.

The basic prediction of ZEO is that ordinary ("big"}) state function reductions (BSFRs) involve change of the arrow of time. There is a lot of support for this prediction. The recent highly counterintuitive findings of Minev et all provided support for the time reversal in atomic systems. Fantappie proposed decades ago time reversal in living systems and introduced syntropy as time reversed entropy. In living matter the generation of more complex molecules from their building bricks can be seen as decay in time reversed direction. Phase conjugate laser beams are known to obey time reversed second law.

Also Libet's findings related to the active aspects of conscious experience find a nice explanation in terms of the time reversal. The latest application is to the understanding of the mysterious looking findings about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions suggesting that macroscopic quantum jumps involving time reversal are in question. This suggest that experimental verification of the time reversal and occurrence of macroscopic quantum jumps is possible by studying causal anomalies. For these reasons is important to try to develop the details of the view about ZEO as precise as possible.

In the article "Some comments related to Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO)" I will consider more precise mathematical formulation and physical interpretation of ZEO. ZEO forms also the cornerstone of TGD inspired theory of consciousness and quantum biology and I will consider also some related aspects of ZEO such as the notions of free will and intentionality, the notions of memory and precognition as its time reversal, intuitive in contrast to formal reasoning, and remote metabolism as a universal thermodynamical mechanism of metabolism in ZEO based thermodynamics.

See the article Some comments related to Zero Energy Ontology (ZEO) or the chapter Zero Energy Ontology and Matrices of "Towards M-matrix".

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