Saturday, November 16, 2019

Self-organization and metabolism as dissipation with reserved arrow of time

It is found that Fr\"ohlich condensates are ruled out in quantum consciousness models (say the model of Penrose and Hameroff) (see this. The following represents how TGD based view allows to circument the problems of stanard quantum theories of biology and consciousnes.

The quantum-biological effects seem to be real. The problem is that the value of Planck constant is too small. By a factor of 1/100 in photosynthesis for instance. Quite generally, one can say that quantum consciousness theories relying on standard quantum mechanics - usually wave mechanics- have been excluded from the beginning. Planck constant is too small.

One can start with facts.

  1. Coherence of living systems in macroscales is a fact. It cannot be explained by biochemistry for which quantum coherence lengths are of molecular size.

  2. The coherence need not however be quantum coherence. It is enough that one has dark matter as heff=n×h0 phases with quantum coherence in scale proportional toheffand located at flux tubes. This can induce ordinary coherence of ordinary living matter as a forced coherence: ordinary matter would be like marching soldiers obeying commands. heff/h0=n is both a measure for both scale of quantum coherence and for IQ of system at fundamental level as a measure for algebraic complexity (dimension for extension of rationals).

  3. Remarkably, this picture generalizes to all self-organization processes, which generate coherence and require energy feed: this corresponds to generation of larger values of heff and requires metabolic energy feed to increase values of heff which tend to reduce spontaneously. We see dark matter in action everywhere, where we see self-organization. It is driven by magnetic bodies of systems carrying dark matter (see this).

  4. There is even further amazing simplicication. In zero energy ontology self-organization is purely thermal process forced by generalization of second law: dissipation in opposite time direction. In dissipation system loses energy to the systems in environment. In time reverse dissipation seen from standard time direction system sucks energy from environmentand generates gradients ad structures instead of their decay. This is nothing but thermal metabolism! DNA replication, transcription, and RNA translation are basic examples of processes for which control level corresponds to time reversed zero energy state.

This is so stunningly simple that I am still shocked. Thermodynamics alone is enough: nothing else bedides possibility of both arrows of time.

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