Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Too fast

I am grateful for Wes Johnson for a flow of links telling about anomalous findings relating to cosmology and astronomy, which are prolifirating. They provide just the empirical information that any-one seriously trying to understand gravitation and dark matter and energy would need. Are the theoreticians still ignorant about the revolution taking place and how they manage to achieve this level of ignorance at the era of modern communications? Just wondering.

This particular link gives pictures provided by NASA about spiral galaxies spinning "too" fast. The problem is that centrifugal acceleration in-stabilizes the system spinning too fast. This suggests that the structure of galaxy is not what our models involving ordinary matter and dark matter halo are somehow wrong. TGD suggests an improved view allowing to understand also "too" fast spinning rates.

Suppose that galaxies are tangles along monopole cosmic string such that string has thickened to flux tube. Monopole cosmic string would be rotating. These monopole tangles would serve as TGD counterparts for the magnetic field of galaxy which has no Maxwellian counterpart. No currents are needed for their maintenance.

  1. Monopole flux tube has closed cross section, which is non-contractible 2-surface, pinch is impossible. I other words, the conservation of monopole flux prevents its splitting so that centrifugal acceleration cannot break the flux tube even at the highest spinning velocities. Only radial deformation increasing the size is possible.

  2. Ordinary matter - generated as the magnetic energy of the flux tubes has transformed to ordinary matter in process analogous to inflation - in turn is gravitationally bound with the flux tube so that the galaxy manages to keep also the ordinary matter.

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