Wednesday, August 02, 2023

Double slit experiment in time domain from the TGD  perspective

The temporal analog of the double slit experiment carried out by a research team led by Riccardo Sapienza has gained a lot of attention. The experiment is a generalization of the regular double slit experiment to the time domain. The results of the experiment challenge the existing views of quantum physics and it is interesting to see whether the zero energy ontology (ZEO) to which TGD inspired quantum measurement theory is based, could provide new insights about the experiment.

The basic outcome of the considerations is that at least at the level of principle it is possible to determine the classical em fields in the geometric past after a pair of "big" state functions, which are the TGD counterparts of ordinary state function reductions and change the arrow of geometric time. Violations of classical causality based on finite signal velocity would serve as a support for the ZEO.

See the article Double slit experiment in time domain from the TGD  perspective or the chapter Zero Energy Ontology.

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