Saturday, August 19, 2023

Trillions of stars mysteriously disappearing from the sight of James Webb Telescope!

James Webb Telescope is revolutionizing our world view. Now it tells about disappearing stars (see this). Trillions of stars suddenly disappear from the infrared sight of the JWT!

A possible explanation for the mysterious disappearance is that the violent collisions of galaxies lead to re-organization of stars and change their observable characteristics so that they effectively disappear. But there are also stars, which look completely stable and then disappear and these are recently studied systematically.

What says TGD?

  1. The TGD based explanation for the vanishing stars relies on the prediction that astrophysical objects of various scales, stars, galaxies, etc.. appear as nodes of networks formed from 3-surfaces, which can be thought of as regions of hyperbolic 3-space (cosmic time=constant), which are connected by monopole flux tube pairs.
  2. These 3-surfaces form cosmic lattice-like structures, tessellations as they are called by mathematicians (see this). The connection by flux tube pair is not stable: reconnection (or rather de-reconnection) can occur and lead to a splitting of the pair to two disjoint U-shaped flux tubes assignable to the two originally connected objects. This general mechanism works also outside astrophysics and in the TGD inspired view of quantum biology biocatalysis and biochemical reactions relies on this mechanism.
  3. The radiation from stars arrives along the flux tubes connecting astrophysical objects to a network. Diffraction takes place and the signals propagating along the flux tubes are amplified and travel in specific directions only and only between the objects of the network. This applies also to gravitational radiation and could explain the recently observed gravitational hum as being associated with the net work of stars.
  4. The explanation for the vanishing stars could be very simple: the splitting of the U-shaped flux tube contact between regions containing trillions of stars and Earth,solar system, or even Milky Way. The violent events in the source region could induce these splittings.
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