Friday, August 04, 2023

Too many blackholes in the early Universe

James webb telescope has observed more blackholes in the early universe than expected (see this). Does this mean that blackholes are not the end but the beginning or have we misunderstood the notion of time as the existence of astrophysical objects older than the Universe suggests?
  1. In the TGD framework zero energy ontology (ZEO) predicts that the arrow of time changes in TGD counterparts of ordinary state function reductions and is unaffected in state function reductions which correspond to repeated measurements of the same observables. In wave mechanics they would not affect the state at all but in TGD framework give rise to sensory experience of a conscious entity, self.
  2. TGD also predicts a hierarchy heff=nh0 of Planck constants and quantum coherence and therefore quantum jumps are possible in arbitrarily long, even astrophysical scales.
This picture implies that even astrophysical objects can live forth and back in geometric time and their evolutionary age can be longer than the cosmic age. This could also explain why there are more blackholes than predicted.

See the article TGD view of the paradoxical findings of the James Webb telescope .

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