Sunday, August 06, 2023

Photosynthesis occurs in underground waters!!

Quite literally, every day has been bringing one or two pieces of support for the TGD view of quantum physics and biology. Now Quanta Magazine article (see this) told that in a new research (see this) published last month in Nature Communications, researchers reported that in groundwater reservoirs 200 meters below the fossil fuel fields of Alberta, Canada, they discovered abundant microbes that produce unexpectedly large amounts of oxygen even in the absence of light. Photosynthesis is the standard way to produce oxygen. But how could photosynthesis work underground? This looks like a complete mystery in the standard physics framework.

TGD based vision of Cambrian explosion (see this) predicts a new physics mechanism making this possible (see this and this).

TGD view proposes that complex multicellular life evolved in underground oceans and bursted to the surface in Cambrian explosion, which involved a relatively rapid increase of the Earth radius by factor 2 (discrete step in TGD counterpart of cosmic expansion). The underground life must have been able to do photosynthesis and therefore to oxygenate the water. This would solve the oxygenation problem.

Intriguingly, the light spectrum from the Earth's core is in the same range as that from the Sun. Could dark photons (darkness in TGD sense as value heff=nh0>h for Planck constant) have served as energy for underground photosynthesis? One can also imagine solar photons transforming to dark photons at monopole flux tubes making them able to penetrate the Earth's surface.

See the article Expanding Earth Hypothesis and Pre-Cambrian Earth or the chapter Quantum gravitation and quantum biology in TGD Universe.

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