Thursday, August 03, 2023

The mystery of magnetic fields appearing in cosmic scales from the TGD view point

There was a popular article New Clues on the Source of the Universe s Magnetic Fields discusses the mysterious of long range magnetic fields possible even in cosmic scales. In the Maxwellian world, currents are needed to generate them but it is very difficult to imagine how currents in long scales could be possible in the plasma of the early universe. The proposal was that somehow these plasma currents could emerge not only in short scales as claimed in the study but also in cosmic scales.

In the TGD framework the solution of the problem is simple. At the fundamental level space-time is replaced with a collection of space-time surfaces of finite size in H= M4×CP2. The corresponding 3-surfaces or at least their M^4 projections have finite size

The homology of CP2 makes possible 3-surfaces, which are flux tubes with cross section which is a closed 2-surface carrying quantized magnetic flux. This is not possible in Minkowski space. The associated magnetic fields require no current. The flux tubes are stable against splitting and can be arbitrarily long. U-shaped flux tubes give rise to tentacles which can reconnect and play a key role in biocatalysis.

The monopole part of the magnetic field, having also the Maxwellian part, explains the magnetic fields in cosmic scales. Of course, also the stability of the magnetic field of Earth is a mystery and finds a similar explanation. The strength of the monopole part is about 2/5 of that for the entire magnetic field of Earth.

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